Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 31, 2016

No Halloween isn't so big here, there's some chileans that are anti Halloween, buts there are people from the states like that too. So I don't think we're going to stay in. 
Our zone is Villa Alemana Oeste, there are 12 missionaries including me and my companion. We have 2 Brazilians, 2 Chileans, 2 Peruvians(People from peru, I'm not sure that's right), 1 Colombian, 1 Canadian, and 4 from the US. The average time in our zone is like 6 months, so we are a really young zone. 
I got the box! I had to wait because they send it to the mission office and I get it when I see someone from the office which isn't too often. But it was awesome, I'm really enjoying it. Elder Almeida likes the protein bars.
You're going to get mad, but I don't want to write a long email today(I'm lazy, lo siento) so here's a scripture I really liked from personal study:
And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people. 4 Nephi 1:15
Con much love,
Elder Cheney

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