Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 14, 2016

Wow, that's pretty wild. (In response to the election) I always get questions down here about what I think about the election. And I have no idea so I just say that haha. But it looks like it's going pretty nuts up there.
For the Christmas box some BYU t shirts that I have in my room that I can give to my companions. NOT MY FRISBEE ONE. But I have some other ones I think that some are white and if you can send like 4 that would be great. Next week I'll know for sure who is my companion during Christmas so I can let you know next week. But I don't really know what I want. A tie? (Oh, how the Christmas list has changed!)
Speaking of that, we have changes this week. The week before changes is always stressful because they call us in the morning Wednesday and we have to be in Viña at like 4. So we chuck everything in the suitcase see if we can say bye to anyone and leave. But it is also exciting the surprise. It's a stressful week haha.
I think this week I have been the most tired that I have ever been. I still haven't completely fallen asleep in a lesson, but there have been some close calls. But we're going strong. 
This week I had a cool experience with the Book of Mormon. A couple days ago I wanted to ask if the Book of Mormon was true (cause it's always good to strengthen your testimony). So I read a little bit in the night and then I asked. And I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel like I got an answer so I was pretty disappointed and I went to bed and kind of forgot about it. Then Thursday (I think) We were teaching the Pavez Family and we were talking about the Restoration. I talked about the Book of Mormon and I was able to bear my testimony of it. While I was testifying I felt the Holy Ghost really strongly and I felt that what I was saying was true. It was awesome cause I learned that the answers don't always come right when we want them and that the best way to strengthen your testimony is to use it! We found out too that this family read the Book of Mormon together for the first time that they have been married. It was kind of sad because they hadn't read it but it was awesome because they started reading it. 
Pretty much I'm just stressing out about changes, but hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Cheney

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