Friday, July 29, 2016

July 25, 2016

Freaking Cosmo hahahaha I love that guy. That's sweet about Dustin, he has to work there when I get back so I can get some sweet discounts. Sounds like you guys are doing good! Is Dustin putting pictures on instagram? I only have one Christmas wish and that is that my brother can keep his promises.
This week was a little wild. We have had to travel a lot in bus and have been really busy. Last Monday I had a really bad cold and was blowing my nose all day then Tuesday we left to work for a little and then I starting having a fever so we went back to the house. The thermometer said 39 degrees Celcius and my companion says that's like 102 fareinheight. My head hurt like no other and I was burning up. So I should probably be dead. But yea I was really uncomfortable, but I slept practically from 5pm to 5am (We had to get up early to go to a zone conference.) But the blessing was that when I woke up to go Wednesday the fever was gone and just a little bit of the sniffles. Now I'm all good, 100%.
I did my first baptism interview and it was a really great experience. It was with a girl that is like 21 and her testimony was so awesome so it made it a very enjoyable experience and I'm looking forward to doing it again. 
A scripture that I read in personal study that stuck out to me in Alma 39:14. It says something like "Don't search the riches or the vanities of this world, because behold, you can't bring them with you." I was thinking about that and was like oh crap, I have some things that I like that I don't want to lose. Then I thought ok if I can't bring my stuff with me, what can I bring with me? And the answer is knowledge and your family and friends. So I'm glad that if I can only bring a few things with me they're the things that are most important. Right now I'm working on bringing my friends home and after the mission it'll be my family, but it is a blessing to be a part of this work. 
That's pretty much all that is new with me, it rained a little bit, how's it going up there?
Love you guys!!!
Elder Cheney

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Catch up emails

As many of you know, Daniel's grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago and I have been in Utah for the past few weeks with family and have not been able to share Daniel's emails. So here is the catch up, including a quick note we received from his mission president--

June 27
Were you a chaperone? (referring to a youth conference trip to Palmyra.  I wasn't a chaperone, I was the cook!)  I didn't know you went to Palmyra that's pretty cool! I want to go again when we get back, it was a really good trip! Speaking of that this week was one year since I left for BYU! That's crazy haha, time flies. 
Tell me before you send the package, but can you send a bunch of coins too? They're good to give to people and I didn't bring any. 
This week was a lot of walking, it wasn't too cold so that was good!
This week was the finals of the American Cup with Chile and Argentina. Chile won, and it was cool but obviously we didn't watch the game and there was a lot of celebrating last night. 
So it's really late for this, but tell Dad happy father's day!
This week has been really tiring, but I want you guys to know that I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Church of God.
Love you all!
Elder Cheney
P.S. I going to print some pictures so I need everyone to send me some good pictures! (I have to be in the picture to qualify!)

July 4
Wow oh wow oh wow.
2nd week that you missed writing me! Feel bad! Ok that's enough. (I missed writing, was spending time with my dad in the hospital)
This week has been very interesting. I'm going to start learning how to knit so I can make myself some dope socks and maybe a tie. 
I sent a letter for Dad's birthday today so let me know if you see it. Also has the letter for Dustin got there yet?
I was showing a family the pictures that we took as a family during Christmas and the Sister said that you looked beautiful, because you're a Gringa woman.
Since you didn't write me this is going to be very short, but I have a quote from this past conference that I liked very much. It's from President Eyring "Where and when we feel the closeness of the Savior depend on each of us." So think about that this week and what you guys can do to enjoy more the closeness of the Savior. 
Love you guys and hope you have a good week!
Elder Cheney

July 10 (After he got the email about his Grandpa)
Mom, I'm sitting right next to the window in the public internet place crying haha, the people are watching me. Could you send me some of the stuff he said about his mission? Thanks for the email even though it probably wan't easy. I'm really greatful for the example of Grandpa Money in my life and the influence he had on me through you. He's a lot happier than we are right now (Alma 40:12). I hope you guys are all doing good and if there is something I can do, let me know! I am grateful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation that this time is just a snippet of our existence. That's awesome that he kept up with his Spanish! Really close, Cuando damos...
Looks like we're going to have a baptism this Sunday! Rosa, I think I told you about her already, but she is going to get baptized this week. Also we have changes this week too, so we're a little nervous. I have been thinking and I don't want to leave Olmué. I've been with these people for 5 months and it would be really hard to leave them. I don't know if that means its my time to go or what, but it'll be hard when I have to go. It could be this Wednesday, I'll let you know what happens. 
Love you guys a lot and hope you are doing good with everything about Grandpa. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!! 
Elder Cheney
July 17 (After the funeral)Looks like it was a good program, and dad gave the dedicatory prayer! I was thinking and I'm sad that grandpa died, but also not too sad. I read Alma 22:14 in my personal study this week and it says "... (Jesus Christ) breaketh the bands of death, that the grave shall have no victory, and that the sting of death should be swallowed up in the hopes of glory." It is awesome to see that it is so true that the grave doesn't have victory and that death doesn't have a sting when we have this hope in Jesus Christ. I really am so grateful to you guys as parents for everything that you have done for me to help me get on the mission. Hope you guys are doing good and tell everyone I said hola. 
This week has been probably the most stressful week of my mission. Remember how I said I didn't want to leave Olmué? The Lord has a funny way of knowing that what we don't want is what is best for us. You probably saw by the pictures but now I'm with a gringo in a sector called Quintero. We are really close to the ocean, we can see it from our sector. My companion is Elder Palilla from Los Angeles, California. He is hot off of his training so he has one transfer less than me (4.5 months in the mission). He was here before so he is helping me a lot to get to know the sector because I am practically lost. That is pretty stressful but also I got called as District Leader so I have a ton of responsibilities with that. There are 4 companionships in my district and one of them is the zone leaders. I thought I barely had free time before, but now there is no time for anything. In the night I have to call everyone and see how their day went and give them advice and a whole bunch of stuff that I have no idea what to do. Usually the zone leaders would be able to help me but the zone got put together with another zone and there are 24 missionaries in the zone (usually there are 12) so they are really busy too. It's kind of like when Nephi had to build the boat but had no idea what to do. That's me right now. 
Honestly, I miss Olmué, it was a good sector. And I knew where I was going there. But I know too that I'm going to love it here. I feel like I'm going to be here for a while and I'm ok with that. It's weird to get used to living with another person that isn't Elder Gonzalez, but he's a good missionary and wants to serve. 
Also we had a baptism! I'm not sure if Rosa got baptized, but I hope all went well with that. The little girl that we baptized is Jenny. She is super awesome and there was a whole ton of running around that we had to do to prepare for that which just added a little to the stress. But she's baptized and super happy so we're are going to work with her to help her keep strong. 
That's pretty much it from my week, just a little bit of crazy stress, but I hope you guys are doing good and I'm praying for you,
Elder Cheney
***From his mission president:
Dear Cheney Family,

It is a pleasure for me to greet you and to inform you that your son, Elder Daniel Gray Cheney has been assigned to serve as a District Leader in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission. He has demonstrated a sincere desire to serve the Lord while sharing the gospel, and he has diligently set forth a good example to his companions. His responsibilities have increased along with his opportunity to help others.

I thank you for raising your son in such a dedicated way and pray that our Heavenly Father may bless your family while your son serves in this great work.


Raúl Antonio Díaz Navarro

Mission President