Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

So this week apparently Daniel was too tired to type, so he asked me to "put together an awesome email" from some of his answers to my questions, and from some of his questions and my answers.  So, here it goes, bullet point style.  

Thanks so much for supporting Daniel, and he said he would love some pictures! 

  • Tell everyone I'm doing fantastic! We had a baptism with Marta! Woo hoo!  The most important thing!!  It was a really big surprise but we did a service project with her Tuesday and we were like hermana you gotta get baptized and she said yes so we baptized her yesterday! She has a problem with her back so us two had to help her, but I did the actual ordinance. It was really great! So pray for Marta.
  •  That's sweet about Brandon! (A friend who went to the temple and will be leaving for his mission to Jakarta in a couple weeks :)  Is school over? and David hasn't responded to my emails!!??! (Self explanatory.  David, you know who you are.)
  • I'm getting warmer haha I'm learning how to deal with it (The cold and lack of central heating).
  • Question: Was Discovery actually for smart people or was I challenged? Because I'm remembering the whole "r" thing and I had to go to a special place to get that fixed. I mean what the heck. I have no idea why Daniel is cruising down memory lane, but this refers to some ancient memories of when he was in third grade and in the gifted and talented program (Discovery), and he apparently is mixing that up with when he went to speech therapy because he had a little trouble with the letter "r".  Which his siblings still do not let him ever forget.  Especially when Transformers happens to be on TV.  Lots of r's in that word.   
  • Also can you look for a dictionary that is English to French and French to English? Ask David to look too because he'll know what I mean but I wanna learn french! Something about learning a language apparently makes you want to learn more. . .  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 9, 16 and 23, 2016

May 9 - This week I learned that cats are always evil. We were walking in the street and there was a lady trying to get her cat off an awning thing. So we go over there and I'm like "Oh yea, we can definitely help." So I reach up to grab the cat and it scratched me. I eventually coerced the cat to come to me and I got it down, but it was not as grateful as it should have been. And you know how Spiderman got sweet spidey powers when he got bit by a spider? All I got was allergies. Cats are always evil.
I found another cow skull, don't worry no one was home. My mission to take a picture with every cow skull in Olmué is going really well. 
And I took a picture of the Heavens opening up for Judgement Day. It was really weird, we looked over and there was a shaft of sunlight opened up only on this one patch in the distance, so I don´t know what happened over there but...
This week in my studies I studied a lot about the faith. There's a quote from President Nelson that I really like "When we speak of faith- the faith that can move mountains- we are not speaking of faith in general but of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ." Faith specifically in Jesus Christ is the important thing. And Jesus himself said "If ye will have faith IN ME ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." (Moroni 7:33) If we develop faith in Jesus Christ we can do whatever He needs us to do. That doesn't mean we can do whatever we want, but it has to be His will. I know that we can be strengthened to do what the Lord asks of us through our faith in Him.
Love you guys!!
Elder Cheney
May 16 - This week I conjugated verbs until I wanted to die. I had a huge headache and wanted to throw up, so I learned what it's like to really study. I don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon.
Also this week the electricity cut out so we had to plan and do everything in the night by candlelight. It was really interesting and I felt like Joseph Smith so it was a good experience. 
We went to a baptism of the Sisters in our district and when we got there I was heavily peer pressured into singing a duet with a sister from Utah in English. So for those of you who never thought the day would come, I'm a singer now. 
There was a lot of really good food this week. A lot of meat. The pen drive thingy isn't working so I can't send any pictures, but you guys gotta trust me that it was a good week. 
This week while we were waiting for the bus someone came up to me and told me that I can't tell people Jesus loves them because I`m Mormon. So this week I want everyone to know that Jesus loves you! But seriously, everything that Jesus Christ and God do is because they love you. As small and insignificant as we are they care about each one of us and know us specifically so take that thought with you this week.
May 23 - This week was fantastic because the bishop's wife told me I look taller than when I got to Olmué. I don't know what's in the water here but it's working!
Also if you guys want to know how to make the missionaries happy, go to church! This week we had Marta and 3 less active families that we've been working a lot with go to church and it was so awesome. It's a good day when people go to church!
I know everyone says this, but the weather is spastic here. Saturday started off really cold, started to rain, the sun came out and got hot, started to rain again, stopped raining, the sun went down, rained again, stopped, and got cold again.And that was the day. It was a little stressful because I don't know how to plan for that. 
A scripture that I really liked from this week is Doctrine and Covenants 24:8 it says "Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days." I love this because we know there will be hard times, but we can have the help of the God. It's a pretty great promise that we can have God to be with us, even unto the end of our days, So remember you're never alone!
Love you guys and hope you are all doing well!
Elder Cheney

Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

Hello Friends!
This week was really good but there wasn't a whole lot of notable experiences so this email will be a little short and I'll pretty much just explain the pictures. 
First we made french toast and chicken nuggets, lunch of champions. The french toast had jelly and cream cheese and it was super good!
There was a little cat with really blue eyes so I took a picture of it. It was a homie. 
Last night someone gave us empanadas and some kind of meat which was also super good. I think it was beef of some sort. 
That's about it for this week. Also we had interviews with the President of the mission this week. A scripture he shared with me is Jacob 4:6. You guys can look it up, but basically what it says is that if we search the words of the prophets (the scriptures, General Conference, and church magazines) we can build faith that is unbreakable. And my President added search patiently. We're not going to build the faith to move mountains over night, but with diligent study we can build our faith little by little. So go study the scriptures!
Love you guys!
Elder Cheney