Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

So this week apparently Daniel was too tired to type, so he asked me to "put together an awesome email" from some of his answers to my questions, and from some of his questions and my answers.  So, here it goes, bullet point style.  

Thanks so much for supporting Daniel, and he said he would love some pictures! 

  • Tell everyone I'm doing fantastic! We had a baptism with Marta! Woo hoo!  The most important thing!!  It was a really big surprise but we did a service project with her Tuesday and we were like hermana you gotta get baptized and she said yes so we baptized her yesterday! She has a problem with her back so us two had to help her, but I did the actual ordinance. It was really great! So pray for Marta.
  •  That's sweet about Brandon! (A friend who went to the temple and will be leaving for his mission to Jakarta in a couple weeks :)  Is school over? and David hasn't responded to my emails!!??! (Self explanatory.  David, you know who you are.)
  • I'm getting warmer haha I'm learning how to deal with it (The cold and lack of central heating).
  • Question: Was Discovery actually for smart people or was I challenged? Because I'm remembering the whole "r" thing and I had to go to a special place to get that fixed. I mean what the heck. I have no idea why Daniel is cruising down memory lane, but this refers to some ancient memories of when he was in third grade and in the gifted and talented program (Discovery), and he apparently is mixing that up with when he went to speech therapy because he had a little trouble with the letter "r".  Which his siblings still do not let him ever forget.  Especially when Transformers happens to be on TV.  Lots of r's in that word.   
  • Also can you look for a dictionary that is English to French and French to English? Ask David to look too because he'll know what I mean but I wanna learn french! Something about learning a language apparently makes you want to learn more. . .  

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