Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016

I think I'm going to start doing the thing a lot more where you write the email because it is really easy and less stressful. He says this to mom!
We don't have a great retention rate in Olmué  but it is really good for (new converts) them to have friends. If they have people inviting them to Family Home Evenings, Dinner, or just to spend a little time together it is a lot better for them to stay active. But we'll see what we can do to help Marta. 
What am I doing? Being a missionary
What am I teaching? The Restored Gospel
How is the Language? It's like a foreign language, but getting better 
Normal day? We wake up at 7 exercise, eat, and shower until 8:30. We study until 11 and then we leave to work until 9:30pm with an hour of lunch.  We plan until 10pm and then we eat, write in the journal, and whatnot until 11 and go to bed.
We don't really have a lot of investigators after Marta got baptized so we gotta go searching.  
Hope that is sufficient! This week it started raining Thursday in the morning when we were studying and didn't stop until Friday in the night. It was very wet both days. It's kind of like Forrest Gump when he's in Vietnam (I think) and there's like 6 different types of rain. But my shoes were so wet that they transferred dye to my feet. So one day my feet were a little brown and the other a little black. 
Also we had changes this week and I'll be in Olmué for at least another 6 weeks!!
We had a Zone Activity because we met our goal for baptisms and we went to the dunes and played in the sand for a bit and took some pictures! We tried to go sandboarding but there is no one that rents boards at 2 on a Monday in the winter so we had to use our imagination. 
Also we saw a dog that was huge and barked like a velociraptor so we took a picture with it. It was as mean as it looks I promise. 
Also I have to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting this week so pray for me!!
That's about it from this week!
Love You Guys!

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