Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 28, 2016

This year I bet you've already heard but the Church is doing the Light the World campaign and it is awesome! Everyday starting the 1st of December until Christmas there is going to be a different video talking about Jesus Christ and how we can follow his example to Light the World. I'm so pumped for Christmas even though it is getting hotter every day and the Chileans don't believe in putting up Christmas lights, I've got the Christmas spirit.
I haven't really been doing a good job of keeping you guys updated on the people we are teaching so I'm going to repent and tell you about them:

Maria Josè: She is 15 years old and has a cousin that is a recent convert. We've been working with her for about a month and a half and there has been a lot of changes in her. It's been awesome to see how reading the Book of Mormon daily and praying can change someone. At first we were a bit skeptical if she was going to progress, but she is ready to get baptized. Her only challenge right now is getting permission from her parents. We met her dad and it went really well, he's really nice. But the mom is a little bit tougher. Maria Josè told us that when she asked her mom about it that her mom pretty said no that she has to learn more. We're pushing with her for December that she can talk to her parents and tell them why she wants to get baptized. But she's really awesome and is growing her testimony a ton. She hasn't missed a Sunday in like 5 weeks (Since we started bringing her to the chapel). 

Gabriel: He is the one in the picture with us below. We've been "teaching" him for about 3 weeks but we couldn't teach him for about a week. Finally Friday my companion found him in an interchange and was able to teach him. Then sunday in the morning the Bishop passed by him to bring him to church and he went! It was really cool and after we all went to the house of the Bishop for lunch. He's a little more complicated to teach because he has a lot of curiosity and likes to ask a lot of questions, but they don't always have to do with what we are teaching. We are trying to get him to focus on the basics to progress to his baptism. He has a date for the 11th of December and we are working to help him keep all of the commandments for his baptism. We just need to be able to have more contact with him. So we're praying for his date the 11th. 

Samuel: He's the guy I talked about this last week. He wasn't able to go to church and we works in Santiago so we can't teach him during the week. It's a little hard to teach but we can keep up with calling him and he said he is reading the Book of Mormon and he said he is learning a ton and really likes it. He had a date for the 11th but didn't go to church so he won't be able to get baptized then. We're going to try to teach him as much as possible but there is very little time on the weekends. 

And those are the people that we are teaching that have the most potential. The main problem we have is finding the people. Especially with the end of the school year right now Maria Josè is really busy but we can usually teach her and Gabriel like 2 or 3 times during the week. Also I need a favor from everyone. I need you guys to send me some traditions that you do on Christmas that I can do here in Chile!! Low Cost!!! 
Love you guys!!!
Elder Cheney

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