Friday, March 24, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hey this week was awesome, a ton of stuff happened so I'll get started right away.
We were talking to Carolina this week and we were going over stuff for the baptism for Sunday and we found out that she drank coffee on Wednesday something like that so it was really disappointing because I won't be here for the baptism, but she's got the date for the next week so she'll get baptized then! She's great and she's progressing really well. She went to church on Sunday with her husband (he's been inactive for years) and their daughters so it was awesome to seem them there as a family. 
Also this week Maria Josè went to the temple and got baptized for her grandma. She said she loved it. She's doing great, still going to seminary, she's already in Jacob in the Book of Mormon. We ate oncecita in her house last night to celebrate. 
Also to explain the video this week there was a sister in the ward that had a tree next to her house that always had bugged her. It always had leaves on the street and in her house so she asked us to cut some branches off. We went over with the bishop and bueno, we don't do things halfway down here so we offered to cut down the tree. And then with a ton of effort we cut it down. What we didn't know that in Chile the trees that aren't in the yards of people aren't you're run of the mill trees. They are the government's trees. So we got roasted by every single member because the bishop put the video of me pushing the tree over on facebook. So it's a good thing I'm legal. 
Finally we got the calls and....... I'm catching the boot. But the good news is that I'm going to Viña del Mar so I'll be closer to the city and the ocean, but it's getting cold and I can't swim anyways. I'll be sad to the leave the people here, but I'll probably be able to see them again eventually. 
I think you'll start hearing from me on Tuesdays now too, but we'll find out next week. 
I love you guys a lot!!
Elder Cheney

2nd email: 
Also we got the changes and I got called to be the secretary of the
mission, so I'm going to Viña on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure my pdays
are going to be on Tuesday or Saturday depending on the week we have,
but I'll know more about what is happening this next week!!
Email from the mission office:

Dear  Cheney Family,

Greetings from the Chile  Viña del Mar Mission. It is a pleasure to inform you of the new assignment of your son, Elder Daniel Gray Cheney, to serve as secretary of the mission.  Your son has demonstrated talents as a leader in sharing the Gospel and has shown a sincere desire to serve the Lord.

As Mission Executive Secretary, his primary responsibilities are to obtain visas for missionaries, coordinate mission meetings and organize return flights.  I have total confidence in his abilities to serve in this crucial assignment.

I thank you for having raised a son in such an excellent way and I pray that our Heavenly Father blesses you as you continue supporting your son in his mission and in this new assignment.

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