Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 15, 2017

Buena! Looks like it went well with Elder Cook. (Elder Cook came to a regional conference in North Carolina)
Remember how last week I didn't have a lot of time because we had to
do a bunch of legal stuff for my companion? This week I don't have a
lot of time because we had to do a bunch of legal stuff for me. But
I'll write more this week. (Note to all present and future missionaries:  Telling your mom that you had "legal" stuff to take care of and making her wait another week for the details = very very bad idea.)
This might be my last week here in Huanhualí so I'm kind of sad, it's
like my family. It'll be hard to leave the people.
We have seen a ton of miracles with Carolina these past couple of
weeks. She was thinking of getting baptized in a year or 6 more
months. And one of the lessons out of no where she said "I want to get
baptized this week" So we're preparing the service for Sunday in the
morning and then in the Sacrament meeting she'll get the Holy Ghost
the same day. She's gotten a ton of answers and has a really strong
testimony. Yesterday we were teaching and we finished with a prayer on
our knees and she said it. She started thanking God for the Gospel and
started crying. She's an amazing woman and we are super happy to be
able to teach her.
We're also teaching a teenager, Emilio. He's awesome too. He talked
with the missionaries like 9 months ago, but started going to church
again. He had a date for this Saturday, but now he is having some
doubts if he wants to get baptized now or later. So we're going to
keep working with him. We're praying that he can get baptized this
Saturday. He already keeps all of the commandments and he is reading
the Book of Mormon and praying. He's really ready, he just has to let
his faith overcome his fear.
Also yesterday we were able to give 3 blessings of health and it was
awesome. We gave one to Emilio because he rolled his ankle and was
going to leave church early but after we gave him the blessing he
stayed for the rest of church. And the other two to Benjamin and
Matias, the sons of Marlen. They are pretty sick so we were able to
give them blessings and when we finished the blessing on Matias, a
baby, he was smiling. So that was really cool.
This week has a lot of potential. I love this ward a lot, the members
are great.
I love you guys a lot!!!
Elder Cheney

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