Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 27, 2017

That's crazy everybody is going on missions! But it's awesome!
I'm missing chic fil a right now. There's just nothing like it down here.
I'm going to be honest my track record with Family Night (falling asleep) is poor at
best. I'm doing a lot better in the mission, I haven't fallen asleep
in one, but before.... it was rough.
This week we had a couple miracles, the first was with Marlen.
Everything went super well and she got baptized! It was awesome
because she bore her testimony after and it was really powerful. She
has a very strong desire to start over again and that's what she got.
After her confirmation we passed by the house later that day and she
asked us if we could leave something for her to read. Before her
baptism it was really hard for her to read and she didn't like it.
It's great to see the change in people when they accept the Gospel and
live it.
The second miracle needs a little bit of explaining. In the mission we
have flashdrives with a bunch of videos on it that we use to teach.
They are awesome and we are always using them. But I lost mine and I
had no idea where it was. I lost it like Monday and finally Friday my
companion asked me if I said a prayer to find it and I had completely
forgotten, so I said a prayer to ask help to be able to find it. Then
a couple hours later we passed by the place where we write on Monday
to see if they had it. And the guy handed it to me right when I got
there. It was awesome because sometimes they sell them or people steal
them. Pure blessings this week.
We're really happy with Marlen, she's doing great. We had a great
month in the zone and everybody is happy.
Love you guys,
Elder Cheney

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