Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

I still almost fall asleep here after lunch. It kills me if we have a
lesson or have to study I'm always on the point of dying.  (After I asked him if how he was able to stay awake.  This is a kid who struggled to stay awake through four years of seminary and every single family night his entire life.  My only kid who could fall asleep at the dinner table and land his face in his plate.  Seriously.)

The sun is starting to set earlier and when the sun goes down it's
kind of cooler but it's still pretty hot during the day. I got so
burned Tuesday because I went to Viña and did straight contacts so we
were outside for about 6 hours and I forgot to put on sunscreen. But
good news I don't think I have cancer.
This week I was making some brownies and the oven was kind of weird.
But I go to check on the brownies and I crack open the door and it
bursts open and a ball of hot air came out. It burned off some arm
hair and got my eye lashes but besides that I walked away unharmed. At
least the brownies were really good.
Also a member bought us rootbeer this week so I was really happy
again. It's such a great drink.

Marlen is doing great, she's got the date for Friday. Also there is a
marriage in the chapel Friday so we're going to have to figure
something out. But she's super ready for her baptism, she likes to go
to church to learn new things. She just has to pass her interview and
then hopefully I'll send some pictures the next week.
We taught a kid Juan Pablo and he's pretty cool. I asked him what he
would change in his life and he said that he's done stuff that he's
not proud of so he wants to leave it behind. We taught him about
baptism and the gift of the holy ghost and he liked it a lot. He's
willing to get baptized, but the problem is going to be going to
church because he lives a little bit further away. But he's a cool kid
so we'll be teaching him this week.
That's pretty much what happened this week, love you guys a ton!!!

Email to his dad:
 I have a little story about Charity. We were walking around with my companion and a member had just given us a couple of ice cold melons.
And it was a pretty hot day so we were looking forward to eating them.
We passed by a guy and we started to talk to him and it was pretty apparent that he didn't want anything to do with us. But I felt like I should give him my melon so I gave him my melon and we walked away.
That was about a month or two ago and about a week ago we saw the same guy but we didn't recognize him. He saw us and said hi to us and shook our hands and everything like we were old friends and I was super confused. Then he said the melon was really good and I remembered that it was the guy that we gave the melon to. The guy probably isn't going to get baptized, but a little act of charity made it so he has a good image of the Church and the missionaries in the future. Little acts of service and charity can change the perspective of somebody.
Love you too dad!! Have a good week!

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