Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 6, 2017

My birthday was really cool, we had a dinnerish thing with a family
and we shared something and then they sang happy birthday and gave us
some ice cream and queque. My companion bought me some doctor pepper
and we had some sushi and completos (not all in one day, it was more
of a weekend kind of deal.
We had changes this week AAANNNNNNDDDDD we're staying here another
change. So I'll be here in Huahhuanlí 4 changes or about 6 months. I'm
pretty happy, I wanted another change here. They changed the way they
do it and now they call us Sunday in the night and then we have to
leave monday.
To celebrate the changes today this morning we made a whole mess of
french toast like Dad always makes it with the cream cheese and with
the jelly in it. It was really good and everyone liked it. Then we
played a bit of dodgeball. It was a good day, we still have to go
clean up our pension, but that's about it.
I'm doing really good, my healthy eating went to pieces this weekend,
but we're back on it today.
I hope you guys are doing really well, I love you all!
Elder Cheney

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