Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 30, 2017

It's kind of weird to think that I'm not going to be a teenager
anymore, (His birthday is February 4) but at least I can use this sweet scripture (I've been waiting forever to do this) : Alma 50:16- "And thus ended the
twentieth year."
One of the converts here is going to make me lunch (For his birthday) and we have a
couple of FHE's so I'll probably be eating a lot haha.
Yea we actually have a lady that is super awesome. We contacted her in
the street like 3 weeks ago but she never came to a lesson or church
so we stopped trying to teach her. But a couple days ago I called her
and we set up a lesson in the chapel and she showed up! It was awesome
and we gave her a tour of the chapel and she loved it. And then Sunday
she went to church and then after she came back and we taught about
the Restoration and she loved it. She has a baptismal date for the
12th of February so we're working with her for that. She has had a lot
of problems in the family, but now she is separated from her husband
and lives with her daughter (who doesn't like the Mormons). But she is
really cool!
Maria José is doing well. She had her interview with the bishop and
got her temple recommend. We're going to go do family history work on
Wednesday with her and then she'll be ready for when the ward goes to
the temple. We're trying to help her get to a girls camp or something
that they're doing and we talked to the seminary teacher too about the
class. Just like all the other youth she is kind of reluctant to do
it, but in the end she'll do it and have a great time. It's awesome to
see how different from the the first time she went to church and now.
She wanted nothing to do with the members and left right after
Sacrament meeting, but now she stayed the whole time and is talking
with a ton of people like its nothing.
(I asked him if it was hard to give up his phone when he went on his mission) It wasn't really hard for me to be away from my phone. I was pretty
surprised about that. If the phone's not there there isn't a ton of
temptation to look at it. But for like 2 weeks I always felt like
phantom vibrations in my pocket and then I would realize that I didn't
have a phone haha.
Thanks for the email, this week I was thinking about one of the
parables that Jesus taught, about the Prodigal Son. Really quickly
summed up: There was a kid that decided he wanted to take all of his
inheritance and ditched the house and went to a bunch of parties and
spent of all his money until the point that he was jealous of the pigs
because they had slop(I can't remember if that is the word) to eat.
Long story short he repented and went back to his house and his dad
accepted him and they threw a whole big party. But something I thought
was interesting was that this kid had a brother (friend, leader, or
any other person) that was in the house, saw his brother leave, make
bad decisions, and then knew that he was in a really bad position. But
his brother did nothing. How would this story be different if the
brother got up, left his house, and went to go look for his brother?
He could have saved him from a lot of suffering, pain, and regret. We
all know someone that needs a little help, so I want to invite you
guys to be a good "brother" and look for someone that need a little
help, some encouragement, or just a friend.
Love you guys a lot!!!
Elder Cheney

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