Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 9, 2017

That's rough starting out so early all the churches here start at 10. ( I told him Church starts at 9 now)
WE GOT ELDERS!!!! (Our ward had sister missionaries, we just got some new Elders) Tell Dustin to try and go with them at least once a week, that is by far the best way to get ready for the mission. I know he's busy but it will help him a
I really don't have a ton of time but some quick updates:
The pictures: we celebrated the birthday of one of the new elders,
Elder King it's like his third week in the field so we bought him a
cake and surprised him in the house and sang happy birthday loud, it
was pretty funny.
We decided to start keeping our money in the freezer cause it's the
best place to hide the cold hard cash haha.
And the last one is a picture of our bathroom, we made a little
discovery that there is a mushroom growing in there. Don't worry we
already cleaned it out. But it just snuck up on us.
Also Maria José has a baptismal date for this Saturday, we just need
to have the interview and then we should be good. She feels super
ready and we've been trying to keep up with her everyday so she's
ready but if all goes well we'll have a baptism this week.
I'm doing really well, getting along with my companion, the members
are great, and we're eating good so todo bien.
Love Elder Cheney

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