Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 23, 2017

 I want to work with the young men when I get back,
that would be the coolest thing ever. Or nursery, I'm in between the
Thanks for the package!! When are all the young men going to write me?
We always wrote the missionaries. Just make them send me an email
haha. But that is crazy are there 21 that go to church or 21 on the
list?  (I told him we have 21 priests (16-18 year old young men) in our congregation.  And yes, most of them are very active.)
Maria José is doing really well, we taught her yesterday. We're trying
to make the switch so her main source of support in the Gospel is
coming from members in the ward and not from us so it was cool to have
a lesson in the house of a member. The member is going to help her go
to mutual and to a camp that the young men and women are going to do.
So she's doing pretty well.
We're teaching the kid of the people that own our house and they're
our neighbors too. He's pretty cool, we played ping-pong with him in
the chapel one time so we'll see how it goes with him.
We met a kid named Gohan, like from dragon ball-z. He said his brother
named him hahahaha. He was like 17 and we're going to try and be
teaching him.
I ate an entire Churrasco in a lunch and that was a challenge. It's
pretty much a big hamburger with a ton of avocado, it was really good.
I was pretty much dead the rest of the day.
I love chile and we're doing well. We're finding a good amount of
people to teach so hopefully we see some progress these next weeks.
Love you guys!!!
Elder Cheney

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