Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016

Something I've been thinking about as a missionary sometimes we gotta straight up tell people that they're sinning and we need to be direct even though it might hurt their feelings or it's hard. 

(In response to me wondering if taking naps is wasting time.  I'm a wimp, but seminary is very early : ) Haha, maybe just take one less nap a week and study 30 minutes more of the scriptures. Actually something that one of the teachers in the MTC told us that really stuck with me was something like "Waste is sin. Sometimes we waste our time, talents, and potential with things that don't have eternal significance." So if you feel like you're wasting potential that you have then it's probably bad, but also you gotta take breaks and enjoy life. It's a balance. There is too much to accomplish haha. 

This Sunday we had a lady, Anita, go to church. She is a reference from a member and her husband died a month or two ago. Her parents are Japanese but she is really Chilean so it's pretty funny. We're going to have a couple lessons with her this week to invite her to get baptized. SO pray for Anita!

Also we found a couple Constanza and Claudio that are so awesome. Have you seen that parody of Hello with the missionaries? It was pretty much exactly like that. We actually had an appointment with them at 6 and they weren't there. And around 9 We were walking around and no one was home and we were contacting. So we decided to go back to them and she came out and was like "Come in!" And we went in shared about the book of Mormon and they agreed to read and pray about it and she said a prayer at the end. Then as we were leaving they were like "Oh wait!" And then they gave us each a bag with juice, cookies, homemade bread and a banana that they had prepared for us. We're going to have another lesson with them tomorrow so pray for them that they come to church!
And we're working with other cool people but right now they're the coolest. 

And the drink thingy with oats and a peach is mote con huesillo, it's a chilean drink and it's pretty good. Besides that this week a house got robbed while we were there, my companion got bit by a dog, and we got changes coming up.
Love you guys! ¡Pórtense bien!
Elder Cheney

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