Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017

On April 24, there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Vina del Mar. . . . 

Hey Mom! Being a secretary is crazy. I decided that I want to have a
secretary not be a secretary. I do all of the legal stuff of the
mission, I get all of the stuff ready for the new missionaries that
get here, and then I take special requests from everyone on other
stuff that needs to get done. So I do a lot of stuff but bascially
legal stuff and new missionaries could be the best job description. I
really like being busy becuase there is always something to do, there
isn't time to just sit around. Something hard is that sometimes it
gets too busy and turns into stressful. But usually it's just the
right amount. Also it is really cool to be around President more. He's
a great guy and really smart in the Gospel so I learn a lot from him.
Actually from the earthquake the storage place where we keep all of
the materials like cards, pamphlets and books got torn apart. One of
the shelves fell and a ton of stuff was on the ground. So we're going
to have to clean that up. I think it's a little dirtier than the
garage. (I asked him if he missed cleaning our garage)
Speaking of that, there was an earthquake this week. It was a 7.1 or
something like that and it didn't feel that big, but we were driving
so that was probably why. It was my first time driving again in the
mission (so over a year) and all of the sudden it felt like the road
got really bumpy. It was like driving on a gravelly road, but the road
was completely smooth. We were in traffic so we came to a stop and we
kept shaking so we realized that it was a tremor. All of the people in
the street lost their minds haha. People starting running and everyone
looked really scared so we though it was worse than it was. We tried
to call somebody but our cellphones didn't have any coverage, which
was super weird. SO we pulled over and said a prayer and kept going.
There was a tsunami warning but nothing happened. It just took a
really long time to get back because of the traffic. And they cut the
lights in Viña so we had to use flashlights in the night. It was kind
of scary, but we also felt tremors Saturday and Sunday leading up to
Monday. The other elders that were in the office said that the water
cooler fell down and that the building across the street was whipping
back and forth. But there wasn't any permanent damage.
Saturday we got permission to go out to Huanhualí yet again for
another baptism. This time it was Carolina, the lady that drank coffee
right before I left so she couldn't get baptized. But she prepared
herself again and asked me to baptize her this time. It was a great
service, it was at 8 in the morning Sunday so that's why we went out
saturday night and stayed with the elderes there for Sunday. Her
husband went to the baptism too, he's a member but inactive. After the
baptism we went to church there and it was awesome to see all the
members there. The bishop walked in and saw me and said "Great, Elder
Cheney! We need someone to give a talk." So I gave a talk in Sacrament
meeting about being a friend to people that go to church, and I shared
that scripture that I shared last week I think. But it went really
well in Huanhualí.
This is the last week of the changes so we are going to be getting
ready for the news to get here and everything. Also next week I won't
have pday until Saturday the 6th of May so I won't be able to write
until then. But I love you guys a lot!!!!!
Elder Cheney

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