Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 15 and 18

April 15

This week was lit. It was a really long week but it passed by real
quick. We had regular office work to do everyday but after 4 we had
Easter Celebrations. It was super awesome, I'll try to send pictures
next week but what we did is we had tours in the chapels. We started
off in the Sacrament meeting room and then a couple other stations
that the sisters took the people through and then they ended the tour
in the baptismal font with two elders in white. After they went to the
cultural hall to eat and do a little card activity. It was super
spiritual and we went all over to do them. Some days I worked out in
the street to bring people in, other days I was inside to help direct
people but we had a ton of people come and check out the chapel. I
think in the entire week we had over 1000 people (including members)
and we received like 300ish referrals for the missionaries of good
people that can progress, so we saw a ton of miracles with this
program. But it was a lot of work and we didn't get back to the house
until midnight pretty much every day so that was really tiring, but
totally worth it. I'm definitely taking a nap today.
This morning the Goulds (A marriage missionary couple) invited us over
for a pancake breakfast because we have pday and it was great. We ate
a ton of pancakes and I think we're going to toss a frisbee around
after we write, so it'll be a relaxing day. But we have to end pday a
little early because we have the last Easter Celebrations tonight so
we'll start that at 4 or 5. They are really fun and it's awesome to
see all the missionaries and talk to the people so it'll be a good
time tonight.
This week I also bought pants that are called bombachos and they're
pretty gangster. They have zipper pockets and they are really
Also I made mac and cheese in a frying pan and it turned out really well.
This next week should be a little calmer, I think I'll be writing on
this coming Tuesday.
Now for a little spiritual thought. This week I was reading in Alma 59
and in this part of the Book of Mormon it talks about a lot of wars
and the Lamanites(the bad guys) took a city from the Nephites(good
guys) because the nephites didn't put enough men there to maintain the
city. In verse 9 it says  "And now as Moroni had supposed that there
should be men sent to the city of Nephihah, to the assistance of the
people to maintain that city, and knowing that it was easier to keep
the city from falling into the hands of the Lamanites than to retake
it from them, he supposed that they would easily maintain that city."
I liked the phrase that says it's easy to protect a city than to
retake one. And it's the same for people. It's easy to help someone
that already got to church, whether they are new or they already have
a ton of time in the church. If they have some desire to be there it
is easier to protect them and befriend so that they stay strong than
try to get someone that is distanced from the church to come back. So
we should always try to help people stay active in the church and be
their friends so they feel comfortable and happy there. But most
important than everything so they can get their own testimony of Jesus
Love you guys a ton and hope you have a good week!!
Elder Cheney
April 18

Yea you kind of missed my last p-day, so that was sad, but some other
people saved the day. Usually my pday is tuesday unless something
happens. So if I don't write Tuesday I'll write saturday. I think I'll
be writing next Tuesday.
I'm definitely going to try and make some enchiladas if I have time
this week. We're probably going to have another busy week this week,
look at that!
It's going to be busy because we're moving. What happened was we were
looking at another pension that is a lot closer to the office because
right now we're about 10-15 minutes walking from the office and late
at night it's sketchy. So we found one super close and the financial
elder started getting us out of the one we have now. Then for some
reason the other guy in the "new" pension said we couldn't go there.
And then the lady with our pension decided she didn't want anymore
blessings and told us we had to get out anyways. So we were in a
pickle. Then we searched a ton on the internet, got a recent convert
to help us out, adn did everything to find a new house. We have to be
out of our house this Friday. Finally we found a pension that is
literally right in front of the office. The only way we could live
closer is if it was on the first floor. And the best part of all is
that it's big enough for all of the office elders. SO WE'RE ALL GOING
TO MOVE IN!! It's pretty exciting. We'll be doing the move on Thursday
but we'll pack up on Wednesday because we have the Chilean census and
if we're not there when they pass by we're going to get a big ole
fine. So we'll be in the house.
Other than that we played soccer this morning and it was pretty fun
because it was just straight gringos so we are all about the same
skill level.
We went to a place called "Hey Fish" and we ate there today. It was
pretty fun because the waiter was from Canada and he spoke French,
English, and Spanish. He was pretty proud of it too, but I guess if
you speak 3 languages you have a reason to be prideful.
Also to explain the picture I got a big blister on my foot and it had
to be removed. But it was all healed up so I'm not going to get some
weird foot disease.
Something I learned or remembered this week was from a class that we
taught in principles of the Gospel. We were talking about convenants
and it was cool because God is always willing to make covenants with
us and He promises us so much through covenants. He promises us that
we can live with Him again, that we'll be clean of our sins, and we
can be with our family forever, and a whole lot more. So He offers us
all of that and we know that if we do our part He will always do His
part. But He doesn't just make us a generous offer, rather He helps us
with our part too! He gives us the scriptures, leaders, prayer, and
much more to help us with our part of the covenants. God really is
loving and He wants our success.
Love you guys a lot!!
Elder Cheney

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