Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016

Just some quick stories from the week:
We were walking down the street to go to a service project and there
was  a lady in the street hitting fruit down with a stick from a tree
that was on the other side of a wall. So we started helping her out
because she was struggling a bit. We started talking to her and she
wasn't all there. We got a big bag of fruit together for her and then
I asked "How long have you had this tree?" She said, "Oh no, it's not
my tree I'm just borrowing the fruit." So that's the story of how we a
helped a lady steal like 20 pounds of peaches.
This last weekend there was a Christmas choir on the beach of
missionaries and it was really cool. We went brought some people and
the last day, Sunday there was about 1400 people there. So it was a
really great event. But it ended at about 10:15 and we got home at
about 11:10. We had to stay awake until all the other companionships
got back to make sure they got back alright. A certain companionship
didn't answer us at all for like 10 minutes so we called about a
million times. Then it was 11:30, 11:40, 11:50. We called about a
million more times. Then 12, 12:15. We were pretty much getting ready
to go look for them and then finally at 12:30 they called us and told
us that they're phone had fallen out of their bag in the car and they
didn't hear the phone. I've never felt more like a parent in my life.
We were worried sick and we couldn't sleep because they didn't get
back and then it was something really lame that shouldn't have
happened. But I'm over it already haha.
And HERMANO PAVES WENT TO CHURCH!!!! He's the less-active that bought
me rootbeer. He finally went to church, I think it was the first time
in almost a year that he's been to church. So he's progressing. Now
we're going to start working for the temple!
Besides that the investigators that we have are pretty busy with
Christmas and the holidays so we haven't really been able to see them.
To get everyone ready for the New Year and the new goals here is a
quote from Elder Ballard about the importance of goal setting: "I am
so thoroughly convinced that if we don’t set goals in our life and
learn how to master the technique of living to reach our goals, we can
reach a ripe old age and look back on our life only to see that we
reached but a small part of our full potential. When one learns to
master the principle of setting a goal, he will then be able to make a
great difference in the results he attains in this life." And
something just as important as setting the goals is FOLLOWING THROUGH.
If we're not diligent to finish our goals we might as well not set
goals for all the good that they are going to do us. So think about
some goals and then make a plan to achieve the goals
Love you guys
Elder Cheney

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