Friday, December 16, 2016

December 12, 2016

I haven't got the box yet but don't worry it'll get here eventually. You'll be the first to know when I get it. I don't know when the exact date is but from what I've heard it's the beginning of january, so I don't need a Christmas box. Maybe a letter or two. 
Actually today I finished 11 months it's crazy haha. It doesn't feel like it. I've heard the first year is like climbing up a mountain and the second year is like falling down because it goes so fast. 

For the pictures
Hermano Paves bought me some rootbeer so that was pretty cool. (he's a less active)
The companion of elder Clark went home so we took one last picture with a crazy guy(like literally crazy)
And we're getting ready for Christmas
I'm excited for this Christmas. We're going to go caroling to the members. There's a lot of people that have invited us so I'm probably going to gain 10 pounds. 
So now we are with Elder Clark(he's the really tall one). He's got about 5 months in the mission and he's a really cool guy. 
Yesterday we taught some less actives and one of them had a pareja that wasn't a member called Daniel. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon and it was going really well but he had to leave during the lesson. We're going to pass by Thursday, but they seem really great.
Maria José has been having a lot of doubts about baptism lately. She has felt an answer and she feels like what we teach is true. Her only problem is that she doesn't want to feel like she's losing her life (for keeping the commandments). So we're talking to her about that. But in the end she already got an answer so she has to decide for herself if she wants the blessings or not. 
That's pretty much where we are at with investigators right now. But now that we have the trio of power we're going to baptize all of Chile. 
Just a little thought for the week 
"We are surrounded by such an astonishing wealth of truth and light that I wonder if we truly appreciate what we have." President Uchtdorf
Sometimes it is really easy to lose our sense of awe, especially when something becomes a habit. So never forget all the things that the Lord has done for you and always remember to be grateful for them. 
Love you guys!
Elder Cheney

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