Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 18, 2016

So, Daniel is very wet and very cold currently.  In another email to me, he asked me what WE were thinking when WE packed, as he did not pack a coat. I can tell you what  I was thinking--I asked him to pack his black coat 42 times, and he was convinced he wouldn't need it.  I guess I should have asked 43 times.  : )


So this week was really, really wet. It started raining Thursday and didn't stop until this morning(Monday). But luckily by Sunday we wised up and brought an umbrella with us. Unfortunately my companion doesn't have an umbrella so we shared a really small umbrella.
Also this week I hit 3 months in Chile. We didn't celebrate so if you guys want to throw a party up there to commemorate it that would be great!
The picture of me with the sign that says "Bucarest" reminded me of the name of my neighborhood "Briarcrest" so I had to take a picture with it. 
This week we had our last District Meeting of the change and I sent some pictures of my district. When we were leaving the Chapel the other missionaries had to take a bus to get back to their sectors. There is a gate around the chapel and someone had locked the gate so they needed the keys, which I had, to leave. A bus passed by and they waved it down so the bus stopped. But the gate was locked and I was using the keys a good 30 feet away to lock the Chapel. And they all start yelling because bus drivers here are not patient. I knew there wasn't enough time to run the keys over there so I looked one of the Elders in the eyes and we made a plan in .2 seconds. Following this plan I threw the keys to him. But, turns out we didn't have the same plan because all 4 of the missionaries that were at the gate turned to make sure the bus was still there the moment I threw the keys. So the keys sailed past them and through the gate onto the other side. The bus driver saw that they weren't coming so he left. It was pretty disappointing that my sweet plan didn't work out but eventually another bus came for them. 
This week what I want to share with you guys is really simple. It's what Alma said to his son Corianton: Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness." So go be happy and choose the right!
Love you guys!
Elder Cheney

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