Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 11, 2016

¡Mis Queridos Amigos!
How is everything? This week was really good!
First, there was this kid in the street and he asked my how to say "Adios" in English. Easy enough right? I though he said "Dios" which means God. So I told him "God" and he looks at me yells "GOD!!!" and runs away. I didn't have time to fix the mistake so I hope he looks it up on Google Translate or something. 
Also the first time my English came in handy. We were in a meeting in the Chapel and the Bishop opens the door, points at me and said "I need you!" And I kinda looked around to see who he was pointing at and turns out it was me. Someone had called him and only spoke English so I talked to him and helped work the situation out. But know I can put my English in the suitcase and forget about it for the next two years. 
There is a picture of me and Elder Gonzalez with grapes. We were talking to this grandpa-ish man and he had some grapes growing and we told him that his grapes were really pretty so he got two huge bunches and gave them to us. We ate a lot of grapes this week. 
The giant sandwich looking thing is a churrasco and we got it because we painted these people's business. It was really good and I am on a mission (a different type of mission) to eat a lot more churrascos. 
Turns out there are even more cow skulls in Olmué than I thought so I took a picture with another. 
Our investigator Marta went to church yesterday!!! It was super awesome. We have another lesson with her today and hopefully we can help her more!
President Gordon B. Hinckley said "If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God... The Lord will not forsake us." I love this quote because it's so true. If we do all we can no matter how much or how little that is, the Lord will make up the rest. God doesn't do things for us, He gives us opportunities to do if for ourselves. If I pray for patience God can't force me to be patient, but He can give me opportunities to exercise my patience. Maybe instead of looking at you challenges as challenges, see them as opportunities to grow and make yourself better. Trust that God knows better, because He does. I know that when we put our trust in God in does all work out and He will not forget us. 
Love you guys and hope your week is awesome!!
Elder Cheney


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