Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

So this week wasn´t anything too exciting, but there's some good stories all the same.
First, there is a picture of my hand with cuts on it. There is a reason. Our can opener is not very effective and as a result if you want to open a can you have to suffer a little. But there is always tuna inside to reward you. There's probably a life lesson in there somewhere. 
Next, our zone leaders made these scones things with manjar on them. The actual scones were pretty burnt, but they were covered in manjar, which is pretty much carmel, and powdered sugar so they were pretty good. There is a picture with the chef, Elder Benitez from Paraguay.
Then there is a picture of me with a giant cactus. It does not have any significance, it's just a really tall cactus.
Finally we had a really good luch with the familia Severino, which is pictured. They made us these little pizza things that were super good and of course like a pound of rice and some chicken. It was a pretty great day. During this lunch there was some bread, but it was on the other side of Elder Gonzalez. So I had to get him to pass it to me. But I tried to be real smooth and point to it with my eyes. He thought I was pointing to his salad, so he started eating a little faster. So I pointed again. He ate a little faster. And I did that like three times until he was inhaling the salad and I had to ask him with words to pass the bread. 
Actually, not finally, we have an investigator named Marta that is really great. She has desires to follow Jesus so if you guys could pray for her that would be awesome! And pray for us to find new people to teach!
This week we have new cards that we are passing out for Easter and the Semana Santa. They have a picture of Jesus and a link to a video. The video is only 2 minutes long and its super awesome, everyone should go watch it right now with your family. If you want to watch it in Spanish go to or in English it's something like but my Mom can fix that. (That is actually the right website!) But go watch it!!! 
Other than that hope you guys are all well and everything is good!
Elder Cheney

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