Friday, August 5, 2016

August 1, 2016

That sounds pretty cool, you'll have to tell me how it is. It sounds like it's putting more of the responsibility on the kids so that's awesome.   In response to the new seminary doctrinal mastery program.
Tell Cameron's mom congrats and hola from me. Cameron Smith, who just left on his mission.
This week we are teaching Juan Carlos. He is really funny and humble. We reads everything we invite him to and he prays when we ask him to (just about everyone gets too embarrassed to pray the first couple of times but he went right on ahead). We invited him to stop smoking and drinking and he agreed. I think he has felt a little empty before in his life because he told us that he wants to find peace in his life. But we'll see if he is willing to obey the commandments.
Today in the morning one companionship of sisters in my district asked us for a blessing of health so we met up with them in the office of the mission because it is like right in between us. We saw president and he was like oh yeah do the blessing in my office! So we went to the office of president and I gave the blessing with President and an assistant right there. I was really nervous haha, but I got it all out.
We got to church and about three minutes before Sacrament Meeting started the ward secretary comes up to me and asks me if I could speak for like 8 minutes. I was like oh crap and just started marking scriptures with pass along cards. I decided to talk about the Sacrament because it's a classic and just started reading scriptures off and whatever came to my mind. I think it went pretty well, the Bishop didn't ask me to sit down so I didn't say anything too bad.
This week I have gained a strong testimony that obeying the commandments makes us happy. God knows that when we obey the commandments we will be happy, that's why he gives us the commandments. And when we are not obeying the commandments, like Alma says we "are found in a state that is contrary to the happiness" Alma 41:11 (It's a translation I don't know what it actually says) So the invitation this week is to choose happiness and obey the commandments!
Love you guys!
Elder Cheney

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