Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 16, 2016

So last week for p-day I got a haircut. After looking for someone to give me a haircut for an hour we finally found a place. The guy that was cutting hair was South African and I thought that was great because he spoke English. But apparently even though he has been cutting hair for something like 20 years mine was a challenge haha. He was cutting my hair and it looked kinda weird and I thought I´d get over it and it was fine, whatever. But then, he tried to shave my eyebrows or something and I had to bail haha. He also used gel to spike my hair straight up. Overall I looked pretty goofy after that.
Lately we´ve had a problem with letting stray dogs onto the compound after exercises and yesterday we were walking in and this dog started running to try and get in so I like stiff legged it to stop it. It worked pretty well until the gate guy opened the gate even more and the dog got around. So we had this crazy dog just running around the compound so it was pretty funny. But it´s ok because this morning we only let in three dogs so don't worry haha. 
So we're learning stuff in Spanish that I don't know in English . I know all of my high school English teachers would be pretty disappointed. I felt like I was decent at English before I came but I guess not.
So an Elder from Argentina told me a riddle. He also looks like a Latino Jake Gyllenhal (I don´t know if that´s how you spell it). But anyways here it is: I have 200 chairs and 150 monkeys. How many chairs I have? You guys might be able to get the answer next week but whoever answers it with the correct reasoning gets a prize. 
So this past Sunday was valentine´s day, and I wore my pink tie. Sadly I did not get a picture but you will have to take my word for it. Some other Elders in my district gave me some valentines so don't worry I was taken care of. 
Also today for pday we all went and got matching ties for everyone in our district. We'll get a picture for next week but we look pretty fresh . 
 For our culturally diverse experience today we went to McDonald's and got fries. It was pretty great and they tasted pretty similar to North American fries.
So this week I was thinking a lot more about eternal perspective. I think if we could really understand how minuscule this life is compared to the rest of eternity, we would live a lot differently. So this week I don't have any sweet quotes but just try to shift to a focus on the eternal perspective and think if your decisions are bringing you closer or farther to God and then adjust. I know if we focus on bringing ourselves closer to God then everything else in our lives will fall into place where it needs to be. 
Also, lastly, this is my last email from the MTC and I'm not sure what will happen next week because I will be in the field. So I might only have time to just email back that I get here. If that's the case love you guys and good luck!

Elder Cheney

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