Monday, June 5, 2017

June 3, 2017

So it's been a little since I wrote but we passed it well. You guys never told me that Melissa moved to Texas! Now she probably will never catch a visit from any of us. Bad luck. (She didn't actually move to Texas, Rae is doing an internship in Texas this summer, then they will go back to Oklahoma.  Melissa and the girls are visiting for the month of June!)
This week we got to do a couple service projects and they were pretty cool.
The first one we picked avocados off a families tree and it was fun. The mom and the daughters speak french because they're from Tahiti or something like that. I tried practicing a little bit, but looks like I have a long ways to go haha. They have some exchange students that are staying in their house from the states so we met some girl from Florida that is here. 
The second one was for a family that has a little baby. They live in a small one room house with a little kitchen and bathroom attached. We went because they had a lot of mold growing in their house because of humidity and the baby was getting sick. So we got all of the mold off the walls and whatnot and then we put up some kind of anti-mold paint. We'll be going back in a couple of days to finish painting. They are a really cool family, the wife is from Colombia and the guy has been mission leader like 6 times he said. They were super nice and they made us a nice kiwi lemon drink thingy that was super tasty. 
Also this week we had Elder Packer come to the mission. He's the son of the apostle. It was a lot of work to get everything ready, but the trainings were really great. He was talking about how as a general authority he has lots of meetings, wakes up early to travel, spends lots of time on airplanes, and does a number of other things that usually aren't enjoyable. But he said "It's all worth it because it's true." It's worth it to push through the harder parts of life or of things we have to do because we know that Jesus is the Christ, His Church is restored, and that families can be together forever. So it's worth it to do all the stuff that He asks of us. 
Hey I love you guys a lot and hope that you enjoy having the babies over there!

Elder Cheney

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