Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 19, 2016

Hey mom!
Immigration went well and nothing happened. I'm not missing anything but I´m pretty sure I can't get any packages while in the MTC so I guess well have to wait it out until I go to the field. This keyboard is kinda weird which is why I'm having difficulty typing. Thanks for the recommendation on study and I will definitely look at it.
When I got to Chile it was really hot and I was wearing a suit so I started sweating haha. Everyone was speaking Spanish so it was kinda crazy but one of the elders that was with us grew up speaking Spanish so we were able to find the people that were supposed to take us to the MTC. We had to kinda just trust them because they didn't have anything that showed they were from there haha. 
My room isn't too bad. My companion is Elder McAllister and he is from Michigan. We are in a room with Elder Mendoza from Concepcion Chile and he speaks pretty good English and Elder Cachari from Bolivia who doesn't speak English at all but really wants to learn. I love them both because they are super funny and helpful with our Spanish. We are able to talk through Spanish and charades. My Spanish is definitely a lot better than a week ago but I still got a long way to go. I can talk to most of the Latinos but the Colombians talk so fast I think it's a joke. Also I taught Elder Cachari how to say dope, goon, and sweet dreams. So every night before we go to bed he says sweet dreams. It's pretty funny. 
The normal schedule is to get up around 7ish(They blast church hymns really loud) and then we go have personal study for an hour, breakfast, then exercise. The gringos usually play basketball on this really old court and the Latinos play soccer on the other side. Today Elder Cachari came and played basketball. He has a killer crossover and destroyed some Elder in my district. After that we get ready for class and then have class pretty much from 10 to 10 with a break for lunch and dinner. Mostly in class we practice teaching investigators and a little Spanish. The food isn't bad its always some sort of meat with some sauce and usually a peace of bread. It is really simple and I am pretty sure that they only know how to make 3 different meals but I am not too sick of it yet. We'll check back in a week though haha. My teachers are all awesome. I think they switch every two weeks though. My district is only 6 people and we spend all day together, but its good because they are all pretty cool people. Ask David if he knows a Sister Zucca or something like that. She served in his mission and she works in the MTC and said she knows David.
On Sunday I gave the opening prayer for Sacrament meeting in front of everyone and it had to be in Spanish. It was pretty terrifying haha. But I got through it.
So our mission presidents for the MTC change tomorrow and we are getting new ones which will be pretty cool. I am not sure who they are but President Doll is leaving. 
After I write you guys we have 2 hours to go explore the city which will be super awesome. I can't send you guys any pictures because my companion forgot the sd to usb converter, so all I have is the one of our district. I am standing next to my companion. I still have six more weeks here which feels like its going to be so long, but I know as soon as I get out there I'll drown in Spanish.  If you guys want to ask some questions that would be super helpful so I know what to say.
Love you guys,
Elder Cheney

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